We have bulk discounts for those willing to help us get it in the hands of more players!

Contact us and we will give you a quote- email@vaxcards.com

If you are a school in particular, we are working to gathering a pilot project to measure educational benefit- let us know if you want to get involved!

I'm a school/ health program/ gamestore,

How do I buy in bulk?

Is the game only for kids?

Not at all.

While the main aim of this game is to provide a medium to educate kids and reward them for vaccination, we created the game mechanics very carefully so that it can be enjoyed by all game enthusiasts (like we are) while being simple enough to teach kids.

Get around it for games night.

We carefully threw in a few Easter eggs in the design for adults.


Isn't it a touchy subject?

This game was created by doctors for a few simple reasons.

To educate kids and parents about vaccination and infectious diseases

To provide a fun way to achieve this education, and

To provide a reward for vaccination that kids want!

Vaccination should not be a touchy subject, and we hope this game will start the conversation for those who are hesitant and make the process easier for parents and children to get educated about the diseases vaccines protect us from.